The Traveling Dress Collective – The Champagne Skirt

I was FLOORED when the talent Julie Godbolt asked if I would be interested in participating in a traveling dress project. A little back story on this project – One dress, multiple photographers, each getting one week to express their unique vision with the same dress. (Check out their website if you are interested in more info! The Traveling Dress Collective) I had seen the work Julie did last year on this project and had seen some other amazing contributions to this project. I was so freakin excited to take part! A loop of one image from each of the 8 artists involved in this project can be viewed on instagram (click here!).

For my time with the dress … or skirt really, I knew I wanted to photograph in an old Wisconsin barn. I love the rich woods, worn or rusted textures, and the opportunity for dramatic low light work. I got to work with a wonderful model whom I have photographed before, thanks Marissa!! I also had some extra help handling all of this skirt, thanks Joanna!! It was a blast! We had limited time in this space but got to play around with some slow shutter work using rear curtain flash, and of course some freelensing!

I recently upgraded my flash to the Profoto B1. I wanted to learn more about all the ways to use this baby, and since it is portable, ways I could incorporate flash on location in my regular work. I have so much to learn in this area! I decided to use this project as an opportunity to play around with my new flash and while researching came across some images that incorporate slow shutter with external flash. Slow shutter + full skirt … perfect!! Like most things, it was not what I originally had in mind, but I love how the creative process unfolds and leads you in unforeseen directions. I love the ghost like images created.
Thank you Jane (and Jeff … of course!) for coming through with a connection when my planned barn was no longer available to use! And thank you Rock Oil for allowing me to photograph in your space! This location ended up even better than I expected! The majority of images inside the barn were freelensed. The skirt was actually quite heavy with seemingly endless fabric. We realized quickly that we needed to be careful with how much movement we did inside, to not create tears for the artists that followed.
We photographed in early May and thanks to the skirt arriving earlier than expected (YAY!!), we were able to capitalize on the ONLY sunny day that week! Early May … I have been waiting to share these for over 4 months!!!

Running shots. Props to Marissa here! This was not an easy dress to run in! And honestly, I was so nervous the dress would tear. I wish I would have photographed more of this … but I was too anxious!
The sun was setting quick. And looking back I wish we would have stayed a little longer to explore the area outside more. Maybe bring out my flash again. Maybe I’m not alone in this, but ending projects I am often left thinking about what I didn’t do, all the images I could have taken. Instead of focusing on those I did take. What I did capture. 

If you’ve made it this far … I greatly appreciate your time and give you a gold star!
I am so thankful for the opportunity to take part in such a fun, creative project alongside such inspiring and talented artists. I can’t wait to see their vision! I can’t wait to read about their experience! Go check out their shares on our instagram loop! And if you are interested in a more in depth look at the other artists time with this skirt follow along on our blog circle!  Up next is the very talented Lauren Jensen!

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