Hi! I'm Leslie


I live in central Wisconsin with my two daughters. My educational training is in Marriage and Family Therapy, which greatly influences my work as a photographer. Introduced to photography by my father as a teen, it wasn't until later in life, while taking a break from my career, that I revisited photography. Mostly self-taught, I sought books and online courses to learn more about photography and reached out to established photographers to shadow and learn from. I began my photography business in 2013 photographing families, portraits, and weddings.


Currently, I photograph families, seniors, fine art portrait sessions, and some commercial work. I am drawn to low light and finding creative ways to use available light. I am drawn to images that convey emotion, images that tell a story. I incorporate freelensing in my work, a diffusion technique using intentional blur that creates more of an impression of a subject rather than an exact replication. For me, these images convey a deeper level of emotion.


Outside of my client work, I am interested in combining painting and photography. I explore painting over photographs, digital painterly effects, and layering my own paintings with photographs. I am also interested in the healing and self growth potential in art making, an area I would like to grow in my client work.







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